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Hello my lovely followers!
I did promise that I'd be back! However, I have a bit of news...
There will be some dramatic changes to my blog, I will be changing it to fit in with my little business LUNAINLIMBO. I will still have this blog, and hopefully I can start sharing with you all more than just makeup :) I want it to really reflect all of me and not just some of the things that I am interested in. This is a new and exciting chapter for me and I hope that it is for you too. I just want to share love, passion and positivity to everyone around the world.
So, check back soon for a new design, content and blog entries.
In the meantime, if you want to distract yourself with positive vibes, visit my tumblr page :)
Ciaaaooooo XOXOX

Wednesday, 7 January 2015


I CANNOT believe that it has been since September 2013 that I have blogged!! I actually can't. It's gone so fast!
So, basically my world has been turned upside down, jiggled about and then some... And I'm glad to say that I am finally on my feet again after this long period.
I will have blog posts and videos coming soon for sure! I actually can't wait to get back into doing it all again! To everyone who kept up with my blog before, I'm so sorry! And to everyone who has visited in my away time, THANKYOU!
I promise that things will be coming soon!

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Ice Queen

Yayyy, can't believe I forgot to show you another edit from Photographer Matt Leach :)
It's lovely, what do you think? :)

Photography + Edit: Matt Leach

This year's British 4X series

Hello bloggers :)
So, this is going to be a very different blog post from the usual makeup related things today. I've been meaning to do it for a couple of weeks but I've just been really dragged down recently. Never miiiind, I'm here now and I'm going to write a little post about this year's British 4X Series that has just recently finished until next year wahhhhh :'(

So what the hell is 4X for a start I suppose you're wondering?
It's basically a form of mountain biking, so you have your XC, enduro, DH etc etc and then 4X (which is the best!) So you have 4 riders racing against each other bar to bar from the start gate to the bottom of the track. The track is kind of BMX like, however a loooot less smooth. So for example some of the venues we've had this year at Afan S.Wales and Falmouth have chunky little rock gardens and rocks flying about everywhere and other places like Redhill and Bridgnorth are suuuper dusty. Follow the links for more information and photos of these venues :)

4X is sooo much fun! I've been going to quite a few different mountain bike races over the past few years but none of them excite me as much as 4X does. I genuinely look forward to 4X race weekends so much, I feel like I have a little 4X family who are just a bunch of nutters really. The atmosphere at the races is brilliant, everyone is happyyyy and so chilled out (even the pros) and everyone just chats to everyone aswell which is great, especially if you're new to the scene. It's definitely on the other end of the spectrum from some DH races I've been to where alot of people are just sooo clicky and have massive egos! Everyone at 4X just has fun! The great thing about it aswell is that racing is just so unpredictable! In my opinion it doesn't really matter too much who you're racing against, as soon as you're in that start gate you have 1/4 chance of winning, anyyyything can happen on track!

Check out this video below, this is exactly what I mean by anything can happen! This is Michal Marosi at JBC 4X Revelations this year at 4X Pro Tour in Czech in an incredible wallride pass after coming off on the pro line. It's probably also one of the biggest 4X exposures in a few years aswell. Ahhh this video excites me so much ahaha! That's actually my manfriend Cooper doing the commentary as well, so proud :)

This year there has been a massive push from series organiser Chris Roberts, The Scott Beaumont and British Cycling to get more women into the sport and it's been incredible. 

So this year the British 4X Series kicked off in Afan, South Wales, it's so beautiful down there and the track and trail centre is so fun.  I'm not a pro racer by anyyyy standards what so ever, I'm still such a newb but I have really wanted to race 4X for ages now so I used this year to get into the racing a little bit more rather than watching/photographing/marshalling trackside. To encourage more girls into the sport Scott Beaumont and pro girl Katy Curd offered free women's coaching on sections of the tracks at many of the rounds, they offered sound advice and lots of tips also which has definitely helped me and other girls to make improvements this year. There weren't really many girls at Afan, well it was just the normal amount really (less than 10) and a couple of new girls trying it out for the first time. I did practice on the Saturday but decided not to race on Sunday because my confidence, oh my god.. non existent haha, the track terrified me so much at the rock garden.

I was going to insert some photos from Roots&Rain of some of the coaching session but I can't so if you want to see any, I'll pop some links below :) - here's me on the start gate for the first time properly and not sitting down wooo! - Scott and Katy demonstrating gates and body positioning. - Scott and Katy talking and demo'ing gates and corners.

Photo credit to MnDPhotography

For more photos from the race weekend, check them out here! And race results here.

Round 2 was in Falmouth at a brand new track built by Elite rider Will Evans. The track was really cool, quite big and long with lots of features that would make the track appealing and rideable to all abilities. Again we had a little coaching session with Katy Curd but that really did nothing for my confidence that weekend. I was a mess and a couple of other girls found it quite frustrating too, I think it was just pressure with like a brand new track, trying to learn it fast and not getting in everyone else's way while they do the same thing. Again I didn't race because the place just scared me too much, I took some snaps instead though and just enjoyed being in Falmouth for the first time, it was lovely.  I have to shout out here to Claire Pollard and Clare Curtis for racing though, proud of you girls :) Especially with how we were all feeling about the place. 

Youth rider Rhys Jenner on pro line

Ladies Jess Greaves and Manon Carpenter having a little battle down the track.

Identiti rider Matt Hillyard on pro line

Clare Curtis and Hannah Escott practicing the track together

Boom Boom Beaumont on the chase

Thomas Slavik and Manon Carpenter took the men + women's win at Falmouth - results here!
Round 3 took place at Harthill, Hale Superbole in Chesire on the Saturday with round 2 of the Euro 4X Series on the usual race Sunday. I was marshalling this one, didn't even go on track :( The racing was awesome as ever with quite a few nasty little crashes. The sun was scorching all weekend, ahh it was so good and Cooper also did so well! Check out photos of the weekend here on Roots&Rain and results here. It was nice to see some of the Euro girls racing on the Sunday. 

Felix Beckeman + Scott Beaumont - photo credit to Cal Wootton @ Loam 9 
Saturday night we also had the DMR Pumptrack Challenge, for those that don't know what it's about, basically what you do is pump your way (no pedalling) around the track 3 times and then your fastest lap is your overall position. We also saw Gregg Parry do the first pumptrack challenge backflip! Haha it was so unexpected and incredible, you neeeeed to check out this video of the action by Cal Wootton @ Loam 9.

Round 4 at Redhill was awesome as ever! Redhill is always one that I look forward to the most, the venue is awesome and the locals are all amazing people, especially you Lewis Richards ;) I only had a little play here and didn't race as I was marshalling. With each round there were a couple more ladies giving 4X a go for the first time from all different backgrounds, it was great to see and racing as always was epic. Here are photos on Root&Rain of the weekend and the results are here. If you've never heard of or been to Redhill then do it! What are you waiting for?! It's a great place to just go and have fun on your bike, it doesn't matter what your ability is, there's things for everyone. It's a great place to go if you're just starting off or giving it a go for the first time. Big shout out to Neil Griffin for all your hard work :) You can watch a video of the racing here.

Woooo! Round 5 at Bridgnorth and National Champs and suddenly a new found confidence for myself I think... I was so determined to race and it was amazing! I think it was like the hottest weekend of the year, it was SCORCHING! So riding in the heat was pretty difficult but at least I didn't get mega sunburnt like a few years back.. Ooops. Although I did kind of pass out between race runs haha, I think it was my 2nd race run and I didn't have a clue what was going on?! The track was awesome, pretty fast, loose and mega dusty! The track had been reworked this year by Scott Beaumont and Chris Roberts and it seemed to go down very well with alot of the riders. Once again there was a good ladies category going on with some great battles for podium places. I was super happy with my riding aswell as I just felt a big improvement and the main thing was I had SOOO MUCH FUN!! Even had a couple of my own little battles with crazy cracker Hannah Escott. Results here.

        Me and Hannah going for 2nd place I think? Photo credit - Dave Bloomfield
LOVE it!

And then before you know it it's the end of the season and another 6 months until the new series :'( sad times. The final round was at Campion Hill, Leamington Spa. They have a track there that's open all the time I think, it's another great place to go if you're just getting into the sport or jut want a little play or gate practice. I did my first ever race there a couple of years ago with NO bike experience since I was like 12?! Haha, never been on a track or 4X bike, I crashed a million times, couldn't walk for a week but it was still amazing.  I really wanted my family to come to a race to see what it's all about and why I'm so passionate about it all. So I invited my Mom to come and watch Saturday's practice and my littlest sister Hannah came and gave it a go on track for the first time ever too! I had my new John Atkins Cycles race top on and was ready to attempt to kick lady butt!
Photo credit - Wayne DC /WDC Cuts 

Me and little sib at Leamington Spa, her first time on a 4X bike + track
We had another ladies coaching session thanks to Katy Curd, and my little sister was a natural. She picked everything up so fast, need to get her her own bike now I think!
The turn out for the girls on Sunday for racing was absolutely incredible!! Just look at this! The aim was to get enough girls together from each round to be able to have quarterfinals, and there was! It was a milestone for us ladies and I really hope that this continues for next year aswell.

All the ladies @ Leamington - photo credits - WDC CUTS
The riding abilities between us girls go from pro pro Katy Killer Curd to complete first timer and everything in between and I've never met any girls as genuine, honest, supportive and lovely as these ladies.
I felt so much more confidence in myself at this round and nearly managed to stay on my bike for the whole weekend! 
Ol Renison managed to capture a little crash sequence of me and Sue battling it out right before the finish line, I still have the bruises!! 

Photo credits - Ol Renison
Results from the weekend can be found here.

The season finished on a high. I was chuffed with the ladies turn out, so happy that my Mom and littlest sister had decided to get involved in something that I love so much and I'm proud of so many riders and friends for their achievements this year.

The main point of this post really was to just share with you something that I love and enjoy and would like to encourage others to find out about or get involved in yourself :) You will have so much fun I promise. You will have a blast and meet some amazing people at the same time! None of this would be possible without all the hard work, effort and support by everyone so I just want to personally thank Chris Roberts for organising yet another great season, the rest of the Roberts' clan for all their hard work and commitment to the sport, Mark + Sue for doing the start, all the marshals, riders, Coop + Mophead with their awesome commentary and the medics! Big shout out to Clare Curtis for taking it upon herself to spread the word and get this many women involved, job well done Clare! (check out her blog) And let's get the same thing going for next year girls! Big thankyou to Katy Curd + Scott Beaumont for all their help and advice in the coaching sessions, I know everyone really appreciates your time and expertise spent with us! And finally a thankyou to all my 4X friends and "family" aswell as John Atkins Cycles for all your support this year: Cooper, Keeny, Jess, Kriss, Mophead, JJ, Alex, Raz (or Raj if you're Wayne :P), John Lord, Matt Hillyard, Wayne DC, The Mundy family and all the girls... Thankyou :) You've all really helped me grow so much in confidence aswell as improved my skills this year and I really truly appreciate the support you have shown me. Bring on 2014!! Curd, I'm coming for you girl ;) If there's anyone I have missed out, I apologize! 

Feel free to read more about the women's racing at Leamington here on Total Women's Cycling where people can write alot better than I can!
And check out British 4X Series 2014!! Woooo!

Well I hope you've all enjoyed that little read, I know it's really different to what I usually blog about but I neeeeded to do it! Guys and especially you girls from wherever you are, get involved!! :) And finally good luck to all you Brit babes at Leogang!

If you would like any more information, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Monday, 2 September 2013

FOTD: MUA Artiste Collection

Heyyy lovely bloggers and readers :)
So here's a quick FOTD post as I haven't done one in a while and should try to do some on the regular I think :)

The look here is all done with the Make Up Academy Artiste Collection multi use palette. This palette is £6 in places like Superdrug. It's actually got some nice colours in it which are quite highly pigmented. I have taken some swatches of the palette with and without flash so you can get a good idea of the colours.

with flash 
without flash

Colours from top left to right: Pistachio, Mocha, Ice, Grape, Chocolate, Cookie
Bottom: Pink Sparkle, Primrose, Bronzed, Shimmer Kiss
The palette consists of 6 marbled eyeshadows, my favourite is Grape, such a pretty shimmery shade :) It also contains 2 blushers Pink Sparkle and Primrose and then a bronzer and highlighter to create a natural looking contour and glowy skin.

I created a nice flawless base with my foundation before contouring my face a little bit, I used Bronzed just on the cheekbones and temple area and used Shimmer Kiss highlighter under brow bone, cupid's bow and tops of cheekbones to give that "lifted face"/"awake" look. Primrose was used for the blush to create a nice pretty flush of pink to the cheeks. I then decided to create a little smokey eye with Mocha shade all over the lid and then Cookie over the lid up to the crease, I then blended the colours out with Mocha towards the brow bone. On the top and bottom lashlines I used Chocolate and also blended it into the crease.

Other products used: 
Lips - Revlon Colour Show Off 030 Tell No One
Foundation - Body Shop Moisture Foundation in shade 4
Brows - Kryolan Contour Pencil in 0124
Mascara - Blink + Go Lengthening Mascara in Black

I really liked the look to be honest, I've never really worn much brown/bronzey coloured shades. It was quite a pale look, I think it went well with my complexion/pale and I thought it was quite an English Rose look.

It's a great little palette for just experimenting with different colours and looks, well worth the £6. You can see from my pictures I've used the highlighter and bronzer quite a bit.

I've mentioned before that I'm quite fussy with finding a bronzer that I love, most of the ones I have tried tend to look really orange and not like realistic because I am quite pale. So if you experience the same problem, then this bronzer is definitely a nice little matte brown shade, it's quite dull but still gives the warmth and shadow for contouring without seeing all the orange undertone.

MUA The Artiste Collection multi-use palette £6 at Superdrug

Let me know if you have tried this and what your thoughts are, always interesting to know and see looks from others.

Friday, 30 August 2013

August Treats: Claire's Nails and Cosmetics

Alohaaa beautiful bloggers, 
This month I have treated myself to a few little bits and pieces from Claire's. They've had a great sale on recently so I picked up lots of little goodies which I will be sharing my thoughts of with you over the next couple of months.
All in all I've been really impressed by the nail products that I have used from Claire's previously, so I found these Real Nail Polish Strips with a funky little pattern on and was keen to try them out. These were £2.50 in the sale, however the promotion at the time was any 3 sale items for £5, which is awesomeeee.

Below are photos of them on my nails :)

They were really fast, easy and simple to use, pretty much effortless. You literally just peel the strips away from the plastic that it is packaged in and then place the curved edge against your cuticle, place on gently so that if you need to move it slightly you still can. Line it all up with your nail and then from the cuticle to the tip press down and smooth out slowly. This helps to prevent any creasing as you can see on my thumb nail.
Contained within the packaging is a small nail file and a wooden cuticle stick, with any of the strip that is too big for you nail simple use the cuticle stick to smoothe over to cuticle and then use the nail file to take off the excess. It's really easy and fast to do.

I was impressed with the finish of these nail strips, they stuck down well and felt really smooth, I really liked the holographic looking pattern too. They stayed on and looked like this for about 4 days before I started picking at them :( (it's a nervous thing).

For removal you can just use normal nail varnish remover, I found that it was less hassle to peel most of it off and then just clean up with nail varnish remover afterwards.

without flash

with flash

Has anyone else tried any nail strips, wraps or foils, what are your thoughts and favourites?